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Clean Warrior All Natural Body Care Products was born out of necessity.
As an athlete, I watch what I eat and try to put nutritious natural foods INTO my body, so that led me to start looking closer at the ingredients in the products that I put ONTO my body. 
I typically do tough workouts and work long days, often times without the benefit of immediate access to a shower, after a workout. That made having an incredibly effective deodorant & other hygiene products really important if I didn’t want smell like a wildebeest for many hours.
When I started to research the ingredients in antiperspirants, I found a collection of toxic chemical & endocrine disrupting compounds. I discovered that the health effects attributed to endocrine disrupting compounds include a range of reproductive problems, lower testosterone levels, reduced fertility, changes in other hormone levels, impaired immune functions and various cancers.
Needless to say that scared the heck out of me!!!
Then I looked at conventional drugstore deodorants and found different yet equally dangerous substances.
At that point, my quest shifted to find the perfect, all natural deodorant without all of the harsh chemicals and aluminum found in commercially available deodorant and antiperspirants. However, I largely found nearly all of the natural deodorants to be highly ineffective at fighting body odor, staying in place all day and often needed to be reapplied several times a day. Not to mention many of the all natural deodorants with baking soda gave me armpit rash which really hurt! 
It was then that I decided to formulate my own deodorant. After years of research and tinkering in the kitchen, I came up with an all natural deodorant that is incredibly effective at eliminating odor, controlling moisture & smells great.
Once I developed the deodorant, I moved on to other personal body care products like body butter, soap, shampoo & conditioner too.

I love these products & I am sure that you will too.